Hixson Motorsports

Welcome to Hixson Motorsports

The Drivers

Donny Kelley

Born: March 1, 1960 in Houston, TX

Occupation: Glass shop owner / Race car driver

Autobiography: I have had the love for racing all my life. In growing up we rode bicycles, motorcycles. ebay mattel hoverboard and go carts and enjoyed the thrill of competition. My friends and I rode motorcycles in a vacant field at the end of our street where we had cars stop and watch us. The thrill and the excitement that it brought us knowing that these people were stopping to watch us was unbelievable. Myself and a friend started racing motor cycles back in the 70’s. Since then we have raced go-carts outlaws, Allison Legacy’s and in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. We have had many accomplishments and now our goal is to race in the NASCAR Series. Thanks for your time and consideration with our team.

Brandon Kelley

Born: June 3, 1984 in Houston, TX

Autobiography: I have always been a very athletic person. I played little league football and little league baseball with many accomplishments and reaching all-star status several times. I soon realized that baseball and football just didn’t quite meet my need. I needed more action and speed. In 1996, my father and I decided to try our luck at motorcross. We competed from 1996-1999, wining many races and titles. After racing motorcycles for three years, I decided I would try bull riding. I rode bulls for High School Rodeo, making it to the State Finals my first year. It didn’t take me long to realize my heart and soul was in the need for speed and that meant behind the wheel and in control so my father and I decided we would try racing KT100’s and Mini Outlaws. After several years we decided we needed a little more speed. We purchased two Allison Legacy Cars in 2003. Being very competitive, we enjoyed the father-son competition and the adrenaline rush it gave us. We finished our first year in the top 10 in points. In 2004, our second year, we finished first in three out of four races. 2004-2005 is the year we decided to purchase a full scale NASCAR ride and compete in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging new year. The Sky’s the Limit–dreams do come true!

The Garage



Just off highway 27 in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, about half an hour north of Chattanooga, sits the home of Hixson Motorsports. Complete with a dyno room, a state-of-the-art decal fabricator, and space for several complete stock cars, the 10,000 square-foot Hixson garage is home to ARCA’s #23 and #28 cars, owned by Carl Wayne Hixson and driven over the years by Ron Cox, Eric Martin, Jason Jarrett, Joe Cooksey, Josh Krug, Brandon Kelley and a few other talented ARCA drivers.

Building and maintaining a competitive race car is a metamorphic task. One look around the shop reveals several rides in various states of evolution. Some are mere frames with attached roll cages. Others are empty shells of sheet metal vaguely resembling Monte Carlos and Grand Prixs with no innards.

But among these soon-to-be chariots of steel and iron stand the finished products, their glossy, colorful paint bathed in flourescent light, and decorated with rainbows of vinyl decals. A few of these 3400-pound machines proudly display their battle scars while they patiently wait for a body man with his “first aid kit” (Bondo).



Closer inspection of the bodies (particularly the newest arrivals in the shop) reveals familiar names in motorsports. Cars once driven by the likes of NASCAR veterans Michael Waltrip, Kenny Schrader, Bobby Labonte, and Sterling Marlin among others, have found their way to the Hixson garage where they have been rebuilt and prepared for even more competition on ARCA’s asphalt, concrete, and dirt ovals.

Just outside the shop, an 18-wheeled monster waits to be loaded with two cars, pit boxes, and accessories, and driven the long stretch to another ARCA event. Over the course of the season it travels to over 20 events and 12 states in less than 9 months.



Though we sometimes give impromptu tours to folks who just stop by, we’d prefer to know if you’re coming so we can let you know when the best time to visit would be. In either case, feel free to give us a call  or shoot an email to Roy Shipley, and we’ll try to make your visit worthwhile.

The Crew

No driver can do it all himself. If it weren’t for those folks behind the scene (working late hours in the garage between races, performing last-minute engine tuning before qualifying, making crucial adjustments to the suspension during the race) our drivers would be lucky to complete a lap, let alone finish in the top 10.

This section is dedicated to the sacrifices made by a group of dedicated volunteers who have a common set of goals in mind: get the cars on the track, keep them on the track, and give our drivers every opportunity to compete for that trip to the winner’s circle.

Some racing teams have the money to hire and/or train a crew, or by the help of flash torch for android. The Hixson Motorsports crew, however, is an all-volunteer team. From the crew chief to the guy who builds and maintains the website–they’re all doing it for the love of racing and that satisfying feeling that comes every time our drivers take the checkered flag. Whether they finish 4th or 30th, our crew is always there next week to hammer out dents, rebuild motors, and get the cars ready for another chance at a victory.

The team goes through many changes throughout the season, since most of the members have full-time jobs in “real” life.  Here’s a partial list of the folks who are currently helping us out on a regular basis as well as a little information about the jobs they do when they’re not at the track, as of March 2008:


Wayne Hixson

  • Team Owner

  • USMC veteran; owner of Hixson Construction in Soddy Daisy, TN

Lisa Cooper

  • Scoring

  • Supervisor of Respiratory Therapy

Scott Flint

  • Jackman; mechanic

  • UNO student

Jon Griese

  • Front tire changer; tire specialist

  • UNO student

Mark Haehn

  • Crew chief

  • HMS race shop manager

Darren Hoogland

  • Rear tire carrier; mechanic

  • UNO student

Dave Lewis

  • Website administrator

  • Active duty USAF MSgt (E-7) and IDMT (Independent Duty Medical Technician); owner of DLWebsites.com

Roy Shipley

  • Catch can man; tire specialist; transporter driver; public relations and marketing manager

  • US Army veteran and West Point graduate; production supervisor

Sandra Shipley

  • Timing/scoring; public relations and marketing specialist

  • Medical assistant

Justin Smith

  • Rear tire changer; mechanic

  • UNO student

Greg Stuart

  • Spotter

  • ???

Rob VanEtten

  • Gas man; mechanic

  • UNO student

Mason Young

  • Front tire carrier; mechanic

  • UNO student

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